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Cyclists or Guitarists – Who Are the Biggest Gear Junkies?

October 14th, 2009 Posted in Family, Guitar

I’ve recently picked up the guitar, learning to play along with Megan my eldest daughter and have noticed a few parallels with the cycling world.

Both are very gear oriented hobbies/pastimes/pursuits. As such, upgrade-itis is bound to hit. I have found that a common term in the guitar world is GAS, or Gear Aquisition Syndrome. Something that some of us if not all of us cyclists are very familiar with. Who doesn’t need another bike, or better brakes or lighter wheels?!

So, we bought Megan a guitar/amp combo package and I picked up a guitar and a used amp myself. Within days of the purchase, as big a noob as I was, I found myself afflicted with what I found out was GAS. I hated the sound of the amp, a Line 6 Spider III unit ; a digital modeling amp that had various effects that you could select. They all sounded harsh and kind of nasty, although Megan really liked the “Insane” setting. So I returned it to the store and started on the upgrade path, taking the first step by purchasing a new Fender Vibro Champ XD. A nice upgrade from the previous amp, but I’m pretty sure it will not be the last amp that I buy (don’t tell Joanna!)

I’ve also begun to upgrade Megan’s guitar, a midnight blue (almost black) Squier Affinity model Stratocaster. It’s pretty descent (nice straight neck, no fretting issues, stays in tune), but the weak points are the electronics…the pickups and pots. So, we’re upgrading the pickups, pots and switch with a new pickguard…black to replace the white one that’s on her guitar now…, pre-wired with these upgraded parts. An added bonus is that my cute 9 year old daughter will look super bad-ass playing her blacked out guitar!

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