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Eagle Ride – Hey I Remember How to Ride a Bike

October 10th, 2011 Posted in Mountain Biking

After many, countlessĀ  months off the bike I finally went for a ride. I think this was the third or fourth ride of the year for me. That’s right, I said year. I used to do that many rides per week.


Anyway, I finally managed to get out with Steve for anĀ  “easy xc ride” in Port Moody climbing up from the rec center up through the various neighbourhoods to the power lines, to Physiotherapy to the hub that is the intersection at the top of Manhandler. From there it was down Mossom Creek trail to Academy down to Anmore and then back through Starz and down to the inlet again. I was hurting right from the start from my lack of any exercise this year, but it was great to get out.

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